The head of the laboratory: Full Member of RAS Valery.V.Lunin

The scientific and investigating activities of the laboratory are spread in three main dimensions. The first named "Physical Chemistry of Surface and Catalysis" includes the investigations of nature and structure of heterogeneous catalyst adsorption sites, thermostimulated exoemission from the catalyst surface, electrochemical catalytical removement of sulphur from the products of petrochemical industry, and synthesis of microcrystalline oxydes in water vapour atmosphere.

The second dimension is connected with the fundamental studies on ozone electrosynthesis, mechanism of atmosphere ozone destroy, the investigation and development of new effective enamels of HF-ozonizer electrodes, as well as the study on ozone including reactions.

The third dimension named "Nontraditional Methods of Chemical and Catalytical Reaction Performance" includes the investigations of kinetics and mechanism of gaseous IR- laser initiated reactions, radiation thermal influence on chemical substances and reactions: in the beam of accelerated electrons, under the action of low temperature plasma, HF-discharge, UV- radiation, ultrasound, and the investigations of some processes in catalysts under mechano- chemical activation and non-equilibrium thermal hydrocarbon activation.

There are 6 Doctors of science and 42 Ph. Dr. now working in the laboratory.


Fundamental Problems of Electrosynthesis
Leading Research Associate Gibalov V.I.
Assistant of professor Tkachenko S.N.
Senior Research Associate Samoilovich V.G., Kozlov K.V., Popovich M.P.

New Effective Enamel Coating of HF-ozonizers Electrodes
Senior Research Associate Voblikova V.A., Samoilovich V.G.
Junior Research Associate Sabitova L.V.

Fundamental Researches of an Atmospheric Ozone Destruction Mechanism
assistant of professor Antipenko E.E.
Senior Research Associate Zosimov A.V.

Ozone Including Oxidation Reactions
Assistant of professor Emel'yanova G.I
Senior Research AssociatePryakhin A.N., Voblikova V.A., Mitrofanova A.N., Mamleeva N.A.
Research Associate Ben'ko E.M., Gorlenko L.E.


Thermostimulated Exzoemission from the Catalyst Surface
Leading Research Associate Krylova I.V.

Electrochemical Catalytical Removement of Sulphur from the Products of Petrochemical Industry
Senior Research Associate Zosimov A.V., Lokteva E.S.
Junior Research Associate Lazareva T.S.
Engineer Chinennikova E.P.

Problems of Ecological Catalysis
assistant of professor Emel'yanova G.I.
Senior Research Associate Chernavskii P.A., Kouznetsova N.N., Voblikova V.A., Yagodovskaya T.V., Lokteva E.S., Kharlanov A.N.
Research Associate Kostjuk B.G., Gorlenko L.E.

Synthesis of Nanocrystalline Materials in Sub- and Supercrytical Water
Leading Research Associate Danchevskaya M.N.
Senior Research Associate Ivakin Yu.D., Kreisberg V.A., Torbin S.N., Murav'eva G.P.
Research Associate Martynova L.F., Ovchinnikova O.G., Galkin A.A.
Engineer Rakcheev V.P..

Investigations of Nature and Structure of Heterogeneous Catalyst Adsorption Sites
Leading Research Associate Krylova I.V.
Assistant of professor Fionov A.V.
Senior Research Associate Chernavskii P.A., Kouznetsova N.N., Markaryan G.L., Kharlanov A.N., Turakulova A.O.
Research Associate Kostjuk B.G., Pankina G.B. Galkin A.A.

Активация алканов катионными комплексами Ti-Zr. Теоретическое исследование методом функционала плотности
Research Associate Ustinyuk L.Yu.


Radiation Thermal Influence on Chemical Substances and Reactions under the Action of Low Temperature Plasma, HF-discharge, UV- radiation, Ultrasound
Senior Research Associate Zosimov A.V., Yagodovskaya T.V.
Research Associate Levanov A.V.

Processes in Catalysts under Mechano- Chemical Activation
Senior Research Associate Kouznetsova N.N.

Non-equilibrium Thermal Hydrocarbon Activation
Senior Research Associate Zosimov A.V., Lokteva E.S.

Investigations of Kinetics and Mechanism of Gaseous IR-laser Initiated Reactions. Действие лазерного излучения на химические связи и молекулярную структуру биологических тканей
Leading Research Associate Zhitnev Yu.N., Bagratashvili V.N.
Assistant of professor Ignat'eva N.Yu.
Senior Research Associate Timofeev V.V.
Research Associate Tveritinova E.A.


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