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     The Laboratory of Catalysis and Gas Electrochemistry (CGE) was organized in 1947 on the basis of the Laboratory of Inorganic Catalysis which existed on the Department of Chemistry since 1931. From its foundation till the year 1974 the laboratory CGE was supervised by Prof. Nikolai I.Kobozev. Prof. Kobozev was an author of some fundamental monographs in Physical Chemistry and his scientific interests have determined the research activities of the laboratory within decades.
     At the moment the Laboratory of Catalysis and Gas Electrochemistry is one of the largest on Physical Chemistry Department. By now the research on the following topics are carried out in CGE laboratory: solid state physical chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, chemistry of low-temperature plasma, laser chemistry, ozone chemistry and chemistry of supercritical fluids. For the scientific purposes a wide range of modern equipment such as IR, UV, ESR and Fourier- spectrometers, electron microscopes, GC chromatographs, mass-spectrometers, magnetrons and original state of the art devises are used.

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